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The Course Books are a collection of vignettes, set in a sprawling ‘Multi-Verse’ of innumerable alternate Earths: all alike, and yet each slightly different. Some of these Earths are sovereign unto themselves; but most belong to one of the three principal interstellar powers: the Foundation, the Alliance, or the Coalition.

The Foundation is a military school, which hires its pupils out as soldiers for one side or another, of any war they deem worthy. The Alliance is a sort of United Nations, under the ceremonial governance of a quasi-religious order of 10 peers. The Coalition is a secretive police-force, whose principal purpose is to retard social and technological development on independent worlds. These three are allies, but rivals as well. Protagonists ‘Hunter Jusenkyou’ and ‘Jason Bur'I’ are graduates of the Foundation, but later become important in the Alliance.

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