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  • Initially, this Wiki was meant to be devoted entirely to the Course Books, and the lion's share of it is still directly devoted to the books. Anything taking place outside of the Course Books IP will have it's own category as well as employing a page prefix(Example: the Mage Wars RPG pages use MRPG). If a page is marked with a clear prefix, its contents are not a part of the book series.


Welcome to the Course Books Wiki

This site contains 1,144 different articles.


The Books:

The Path to Ascension

The Road to War

Author of the Gust

Course Books

Spoiler Alert!

Please note, since this is basically my notebook you will find a lot of spoiler information on this wiki, things that were revealed far more dramatically in the books. For this reason I will try to avoid pointing to the exact volumes in which this information appears.

If you've already read the books, you will find MORE iformation here to fill in the backstory.

Notable Topics



This database will be under construction for some time

Author's Note: please understand this wiki was created for personal use in order to organize my thoughts, so just politely ignore all the spelling errors.

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Want to help?

Due to vandalism issues, new users can only be created by contacting the CourseDirector directly. If you've read the Course Books and are interested in helping with the wiki, check in here! Course Project Page. 29-8-1 308-9-5 409-6-10 25-7-9 3-10-13.

Minor Information

I'm bored, so I figured it was time to update this.

It is now June 30th, 2016, this wiki has been online since 2010. In that time, 1,035 content pages have been created, 8,557 edits, and 890,517 page views. With an average of 100 views per edit, I MUST be getting SOME traffic!

Getting started

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