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CTRL+Z is a story from The Road to War, volume II of the Course Books. It focuses on an arranged "accident" that causes a chain reaction and destroys an entire galaxy. The disaster begins in the Typin System, where part of the Solar II project is being carried out.

The Saratoga is tasked with undoing that event. Instructor Roland orders the ship to a Tactical Command Station in the Argolus Cluster, imaginatively named "Station Argo". There, he gives them time travel technology (called CTRL+Z), a Zero-Point Generator, and a Nova bomb, and orders them to travel back in time to prevent the disaster by destroying the Typin star.

The generator appears again in various other stories, but is taken away from the Saratoga in Retrospectus, whereas the bomb appears again in Never where it is used for an unorthodox purpose, and time travel appears again in Virus from The Path to Ascension.

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